Which season is the best to visit South Korea?

Which season is the best to visit South Korea?

Which season is the best to visit South Korea? Korea has four distinct seasons.

If you’re planning a trip to Korea, you might be wondering which season is the best to visit.

Personally, I think Korea is worth visiting in any season.

Each season has its own unique charm, and the food and activities vary with the seasons.

Let’s explore the weather, food, and activities for each season in Korea, and learn some Korean expressions along the way.

How to say seasons in Korean.

Let’s learn how to say seasons in Korean.


Visit South Korea in Spring

Cherry blossom scenery in Jamsil.

  • Period: March to May
  • Temperature: The average temperature ranges from 5℃ to 20℃, and cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April.
  • Rainfall: It is relatively low, but there can be occurrences of yellow dust. It’s recommended to carry a mask for outdoor activities.

Spring is a great season to travel to Korea. The weather is not too cold or too hot, making it perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.

In April, cherry blossoms bloom all over the country, so visiting a cherry blossom festival is highly recommended.

Spring is a wonderful time for hiking. The weather is warm and pleasant, and the flowers blooming along the trails create beautiful scenery. Notable hiking spots include Jirisan, Seoraksan, and Bukhansan.

Lastly, I highly recommend biking.

Famous biking routes include the Han River bike path in Seoul and the Olle Trails in Jeju Island.

Visit South Korea in Summer

summer beach scenery

  • Period: June to August
  • Temperature: The average temperature is above 20℃, and in July and August, it often stays over 30℃, making it very hot.
  • Rainfall: More than half of the annual rainfall happens in the summer. Especially in July and August, there is a monsoon season.

If you are planning to visit Korea in the summer, it’s a good idea to keep the monsoon season in mind. Most of the yearly rainfall occurs during this time, so outdoor activities might be difficult.

Korean summers are quite humid. If you don’t like hot weather, it might be better to avoid visiting in the summer.

However, if you enjoy shopping or trying different restaurants, there are still plenty of things to enjoy indoors during the summer.

Summer is also a great time to visit water parks. The most popular ones are Caribbean Bay, Everland, and Ocean World.

You can also enjoy going to the beach. Korea has many beaches with different attractions. I personally love eating seafood at the beach in the summer.

Besides, there are many festivals held during the summer.

Visit South Korea in Fall

fall beach scenery

  • Period: September to November
  • Temperature: The average temperature ranges from 5℃ to 20℃, and the autumn leaves are at their peak in October.
  • Rainfall: It’s relatively low.

If you don’t like hot or cold weather, fall is the perfect season to visit Korea.

Fall is the time to enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves. The mountains and fields are covered in red leaves, creating stunning scenery.

So, I recommend going trekking.

The weather in Korea during fall is ideal for trekking, not too hot or cold.

Famous trekking spots include Seoraksan National Park, Jirisan National Park, and Bukhansan National Park.

Also, fall is the harvest season, so visiting traditional markets and trying seasonal foods is highly recommended.

Visit South Korea in Winter

winter beach scenery

  • Period: December to February
  • Temperature: The average temperature ranges from -5℃ to 5℃, with the coldest weather in January.
  • Snowfall: Heavy snowfall is common, especially in the mountainous regions.

If you enjoy cold weather and winter activities, winter is a great time to visit Korea.

Winter is the perfect season for skiing and snowboarding. Korea has several world-class ski resorts, such as Yongpyong Resort and Alpensia Resort.

You can also enjoy traditional Korean culture during winter. Visit historic palaces and temples, and experience the warm hospitality of the Korean people.

Don’t miss the stunning winter scenery. The snow-covered landscapes are breathtaking, especially in the mountains and rural areas.

And there are a lot of delicious Korean foods in winter.

Here are some popular Korean dishes that are enjoyed during the winter season:

  1. : A spicy seafood noodle soup that warms the body.
  2. A hearty, spicy stew made with instant noodles, vegetables, and meat, often served with a side of rice.
  3. : A braised chicken dish cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce, served with rice and vegetables.
  4. : A fermented soybean paste stew that is rich in flavor and nutrients, often served with rice and vegetables.
  5. : A spicy seafood stew made with a variety of seafood, such as clams, mussels, and squid, in a gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) broth.
  6. : A steamed egg dish flavored with sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic, often served as a side dish.
  7. : Korean dumplings that can be steamed, fried, or boiled, and filled with meat, kimchi, or tofu.
  8. : A popular street food made with chewy rice cakes and a sweet and spicy sauce, often served with fish cakes and boiled eggs.
  9. : A spicy tofu stew made with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood, meat, and kimchi, in a gochugaru broth.

There are also many other foods, so visiting different restaurants will be an unforgettable memory.

Wrap up

In this post, we looked at the best seasons to visit Korea. Korea has four distinct seasons, and each one has its own food and activities. So, no matter when you visit Korea, you’ll have a great trip.