What is KakaoTalk?

In South Korea, applications like WhatsApp and WeChat are rarely used, and almost everyone uses KakaoTalk, so if you’re traveling or studying in South Korea, I highly recommend using KakaoTalk.

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In this article, I’ll share how to sign up for KakaoTalk and what the benefits are.

How to sign up for Kakaotalk and install it.

You can sign up for KakaoTalk through the link below.


To sign up for KakaoTalk, you’ll need to verify your cell phone, but you don’t need a Korean number to sign up.

However, if you have a Korean number, it is recommended that you sign up with that number, because when you sign up for KakaoTalk, you can use various connected services, some of which require a Korean number.

You can sign up by first installing KakaoTalk from the Play Store or the App Store.

Benefits of using KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging application in South Korea, so there are benefits to using it.

Use the Kakao Taxi

Kakao Taxi is an Uber-like service provided by Kakao, and since most taxis support Kakao Taxi, you can quickly and easily hail a taxi anywhere in Korea using KakaoT.

You don’t need a Korean phone number to sign up for KakaoTaxi.

Use the KakaoMap

Kakao Map is a mapping application provided by Kakao that provides various functions such as ‘directions’, ‘navigation’, ‘public transportation alerts’, and more, and requires a Kakao account.

These are the features I use most often, and I highly recommend them for international visitors.

With the ‘Public Transportation Alert‘, you can get an alert when the bus you need to catch is approaching, or when you’re approaching the station where you need to get off, and so on.

Chat with friends

It’s safe to say that almost everyone in South Korea uses KakaoTalk, and it’s the most popular application in South Korea, so if you want to communicate with Koreans or make Korean friends, the best bet is using KakaoTalk.

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