Learn Korean Grammar – 은/는

In this lesson, I’ll teach you “은/는”

‘은/는’ is one of particles in Korean, and it’s one of the Mose difficult ones to learn.

But I’ll teach it to you so you can understand “은/는” perfectly.

“은/는” is confusing because there’s only a semantic difference between “이/가” and “은/는”, not a grammatical difference, “이/가” , which I’ll be teaching in next lesson.

I’ll post a lesson comparing them.

So Let’s learn Korean grammar “은/는”

Basic Korean words to use in lesson

WordPronunciationAudioIn English
younger sister
College student
Office worker

Meaning of ‘은/는’

“은/는” is Topic Markers, indicating the topic of the sentence, what the sentence is about.

“은/는” is used after a noun to indicate that the noun is the subject of the sentence.

For example, there is a sentence “저는 미국 사람이에요.” (I’m American).

“는” is used after “저”, which means “I”, and it is talking about me, and I’m American.

Form of ‘은/는’

“은” is used when a noun ends with a consonant(받침).

-> 제 여동생 대학생이에요. (My sister is a college student.)

“는” is used when a noun ends with a vowel.

-> 저 직장인이에요. (I’m an office worker.)

-> You can see Article about batchim

Practice of ‘은/는’

어느 나라에서 오셨어요? (where are you from?)
미국에서 왔어요. (I’m from USA)
직업이 뭐예요? (What do you for a living?)
가수예요. (I’m a singer)
몇 살이에요? (How old are you?)
20살이에요. (I’m 20 years old)

In this article, you learned “은/는”. “은/는” is confusing Korean learners because of “이/가”.

So I’ll teach you “이/가” next lesson.

Thank you for reading my article. See you soon!.

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