Study Korean Alphabet with Batchim – final

In our last “Study Korean Alphabet – 2” lesson, we studied the basic Korean consonants and vowels, as well as double consonants and compound vowels.

So in this lesson, we’re going to study syllable chart and Batchim(받침).

A syllable is a letter in Korean.

Syllable Chart

It’s syllable chart

These syllables are made from the consonants and vowels you’ve learned.

Syllable Box

Before we study batchim(받침), let’s study the syllable box. we’ve been studying syllable with only one consonant and one vowel, but syllable can actually have one more consonant added at the end.

It’s syllable box

The two letters above tell us that

  • Syllables are read from top left to right and top to bottom.

What is Batchim(”받침”)

It’s batchim example

Batchim is the consonant at the end of a syllable, like the ‘ㄴ’ in the ‘반’ syllable above.

Batchim is a consonant at the end of a syllable.

  • Batchim is placed at the end of syllable.
  • Only consonants can be use in Batchim.
  • Batchim is pronounced last.

you need to learn batchim in this Korean alphabet class because it’s one of the most confusing and difficult concepts for Korean.

Because when batchim is used, the pronunciation often changes, and most of all, batchim is often used incorrectly.

It’s hard to be able to use batchim perfectly from the beginning.

So I recommend getting familiar with batchim while learning other concepts.

Let’s Study the consonants that can be used in batchim(받침).

Consonant list

Compound Consonant list


We’ve learned about compound vowels, but there are also compound consonants that are only used in batchim.

The nine consonants above are used only in batchim.

That’s nine more compound consonants, but don’t worry too much.

This is because batchim only pronounces the consonants ‘ᄀ, ᄂ, ᄃ, ᄅ, ᄆ, ᄇ, ᄋ’ and replaces the other consonants with one of ‘ᄀ, ᄂ, ᄃ, ᄅ, ᄆ, ᄇ, ᄋ’.

In this lesson, we studied batchim, compound consonants, and more. I’ll talk about the pronunciation of batchim in another lesson.

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