Learn Korean Grammar – 은/는

In this lesson, I’ll teach you “은/는” ‘은/는’ is one of particles in Korean, and it’s one of the Mose ...
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Study Korean Alphabet with Batchim – final

In our last “Study Korean Alphabet – 2” lesson, we studied the basic Korean consonants and vowels, as well as ...
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Learn Korean Grammar – 이에요/예요

in this lesson, we’re going to learn one of the Korean grammar rules, “~이에요/예요”. This grammar is used in a ...
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Using the taxi in Korea

If you’re arriving at Incheon Airport and have a lot of luggage, or you’re traveling with a group of people, ...
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What is KakaoTalk?

In South Korea, applications like WhatsApp and WeChat are rarely used, and almost everyone uses KakaoTalk, so if you’re traveling ...
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How to take the bus in Korea

when traveling in Korean, especially in Seoul, it’s easy to get around by public transportation. So in this article, I’ll ...
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Learn Korean words with NCT 127 – gold dust

One of the best ways to learn a language is through hobbies and songs, so today we’ll gonna learn the ...
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Study Korean Alphabet – how to write (2)

This is consonant list for teaching how to write
In this lesson, you’ll learn ‘How to write Korean alphabet’ and ‘How to read Korean words’ How to write Korean ...
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Study Korean Alphabet – 1

This is consonant list with pronunciation
Continuing from the last lesson, this lesson will introduce you to the Korean alphabet. you’ll be able to read and ...
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